At Rapwire.Net we always ask the people we interview to REP THEIR SET so please tell us where you're from and where you reside?
Im from High Point. That 336!

There's a saying that says you can tell a lot about a person from their name.  How did you get the name E-Sudd?
My real name is Erik Sudderth. In school they called me "E". Another "E" came along to our school so to seperate us I was E. Sudderth. Then we shortned it to E.Sudd.

How long have you been DJing?
I started about late '05 early '06.

As a DJ, what type of equipment do you use?  What are your "weapons of choice" as we call them here at RapWire.Net?
A pair of Technic 1200s and a Rane TTM56 mixer.

Who inspired you to start DJing and who are some of the artists and/or promoters who've helped you get to where you are today?
Everyone in the Triad has helped in some way. There are too many folks to name, I can't even lie. I gotta give the most respect to Dj Smoove , Dj Reflection, Dj MC, Dj P Dub and Waleed Coyotee. Also shouts to Tigo B, Cream Team, and Travis Porter.

You're known for working with a lot of artists from the High Point/Winston-Salem/Greensboro area.  When you first started DJing was it your goal to help a lot of local artists or did it just happen by chance?
Nah...I started off throwing parties in high school and always had the love for local indie music. I always had requests while Dj Smoove was rocking and he would say "Here, drop the track yourself". After that, it just kept callin me (pookie voice). In 2007, I did my first indy artist tape with Snoog, who's also from the 336, called "Dont Compare Me" and folks loved it. It was good music. I wanted to play my part in the indy music scene but I was really just a fan too. I wanted people to listen to what i was listening to like "This is whats hot. Im listening to it and you should to!"

You do clubs and mixtapes but haven't done much commercial radio. Why do you think that is?
Thats not my lane. I love the party scene. I love the interaction. I also like to play by my own rules and have my own schedule.

Do you want to do commercial radio? If so, do you think you'd be good at it due to the fact that it's highly regulated and you're used to doing what you like to do and not taking orders?
I wouldnt mind doing it, no doubt. The ratings would be off of the meter. So when the time is right I'll make it happen. I'd have to do it may way and have my own show. Whether its DJing or just being a personality I'd do it. It would definitely be something different.

You were recently overseas with Travis Porter as their road DJ. How did that opportunity come about?
Dj Teknikz is their official dj and he couldn't make it. Being that I'm already on staff with Porter House as a radio promoter, that made me their 2nd string DJ too [laughs]. I had also done a few other road shows for them as well so it was an opportunity I didn't really have to fight and I'm grateful for it.

You moved to Atlanta not too long ago. What was the reason for that move?
I wouldn't call it a move, it's like my getaway/workplace. I was always down there every few weeks working on different projects so once I landed the job with Porter House it just made sense to get a spot in ATL instead of staying at hotels all the time. There are a lot of opportunities out here and it keeps me busy and also keeps me motivated. I've done just about everything in my market that I've aimed to do and it was time to move on.

Do you feel that it's harder for an artist or DJ to get national recognition here in the Carolinas than it is in Atlanta? Atlanta is pretty oversaturated and overcrowded isn't it?
That's a good question. You're not going to get any national recognition if u stay in one area. Even artists in big cities travel. Most of the people in ATL are traveling outside of ATL because it's definitely oversaturated and overcrowded. Atlanta is one of those cities where you get out of it what you put into it. It's all about your personal drive and willingness to get out and network. I've been going to a lot of different cities lately and it's the same everywhere. It's all about building relationships. ATL is just bigger and has a larger impact on not just music but entertainment as a whole. But they love us Carolina people out here in ATL. There are a lot of opportunities for us in ATL if you've done your work back home first. If your background checks out, ATL can be very beneficial for Carolina artists.

A lot of artists, especially Carolina artists, feel like DJs "play favorites" when it comes to helping artists. They feel like DJs often lookout for their friends or people they've known for a awhile rather than helping artists based on talent. How do you feel about that?
Talent is key to me but making a hot song is the easiest part. The question is, how are you going to get it out there? A lot of artists don't have their business right. I think that is one of the main things keeping the Carolinas from moving forward. Us DJs see it because we're inside the industry but the artists don't. Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere close to where I want to be in this game, but I have my business together. I run a business and I look at what I feel is going to benefit me. What does that artist have going for themselves? Do they have the money and work ethic to compete? What can we do for each other? Everybody isnt going to make it at one time so I have to be selective. Most will agree that a DJ pushing 25 different local artists isn't exactly a smart move. Artist have to understand we're all on the same team. They're competing and criticizing the wrong people.

Name 5 Carolina artists you feel have what it takes to compete on a national level?
I got a few more than 5 [laughs]. Right now I'd have to say Tigo B, Ricco Barrino, P. Wonda, Cream Team, and Ricky Ruckus. It's not just the fact that they make great songs, but they're great people. Their attitudes are positive and they're all very well business minded. Plus they have the image, versatility, and proper teams behind them.

You're working on a new album called "Frontline". When is it dropping and who do you have featured on it?
December 14th 2010 FRONTLINE Its loaded with features from Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Tigo B, Waka Flocka, Cream Team, Jadakiss, P Wonda, Ricco Barrino, Ricky Ruckus , Bowboa, and Freeway....just to name a few.

Is this going to be a local release or a regional release?
It will be available online at I also have a few stores lined up. Oh yeah, and out the trunk too. Im gonna grind it out!

Check out the video for DJ E-Sudd's single "Xtra (2Much)" Featuring Mr. Commercial, Tigo-B & Black Boi featured on his new album "FRONTLINE".