First things first, rep your set for us. Tell us where you're from and where you reside?
You already know Addicted 2 Money and Stupid Dope Moves (ATM, SDM) I am from Haiti but I reside in the Metro (Columbia, SC).

You were born in Haiti, moved to NJ and now reside in Columbia, SC. Were your parents in the military or something? That's a lot of moving!
You also forgot I lived in Miami, Florida!  No, I am not a Military Brat. My parents came to America for a better life. Due to curtain circumstances we took any opportunity that came to us even if that meant moving to a new city or state.

Your diverse background is reflected in your music. Now that you live in the south do you find it harder to get acclaim being that you don't have deep southern sound in your music?
I feel that my diverse background is a plus for my music. They always say "It's not where you're from, It's where you're at." I am only claiming what I know. I have been in the south most of my life, and I feel like being from the Caribbean; I'm driven by the southern sound, but my background from NJ provided me with the opportunity to give my music another point view.

You've only been on the SC music scene for a few years but you've managed to build a crazy buzz in that time. What do feel has attributed to that?
I have actually been in SC for 14 years. I have managed to gain a tremendous buzz in the last year. I feel that I have achieved this buzz by being patient and strategic. Even though I have been in the city for so many years I've never put my music out until it was fully developed. So, in a sense you can say I took care of developing myself as an artist first before I distributed a product. It took a lot of time and money but we got the job done [laughs].

Your mixtape catalog is pretty thick and you've released a lot of videos too. Exactly how many mixtapes have you released and what singles have your shot videos for?
I have released four mixtapes: "Get Familiar With Me", "Goon On Deck 1", "Goon On Deck 2; City Going Ham", and "This Thing Of Ours". I have shot a few freestyle videos for the "Goon On Deck" series but my official videos are "City Going Ham" and "Trap Talk" off of the "This Thing Of Ours" Mixtape hosted by Dj Frosty and Dj Khaled.  Also the video for "Quagmire" is in production.

You've done a lot of videos for your music so obviously you know the importance of visualization. Do you feel your videos have played a major part in your regional success or just reinforced what you do musically?
I feel like my videos have separated me from a lot of local talent. It's like seperating the boys from the men. I would not consider it gaining success more like gaining respect from the SC music industry and the fans. The music industry as a whole demands a certain quality of material which I try to provide. I don’t ever want to be looked at as a local artist but rather an independent artist competing with the majors.

You work closely with the SDM crew. Explain your relationship with them?
That’s my family and my crew ATM/SDM.

You've caught a lot of heat by working with them and a lot of critics says you're only as far as you are today because they're a part of some "secret" South Carolina music society. How do you respond to people who question your grind like that?
You can throw that secret society crap out of the window. I have been grinding with my team ATM for years. Every relationship I have I made was made through positive networking. I have been doing shows from Miami to NY and everywhere else in between. Everything that I have done to date was on my own merit and out of my out pocket, from my videos to my features. Dj Frosty and I collaborated because we have the same goals in mind and decided to put both brands together as one to have a stronger movement. 

Speaking of that, your new mixtape is called "This Thing Of Ours" which is a mafia saying for being a part of their elite league of gangsters or "Made Men". Was naming your mixtape that a play off of those allegations?
No it wasn't. I'm not into entertaining speculation and rumors. It was only derived from the old Italian saying. “This Thing of Ours” means that we live by a certain code of ethics and morals and we consider everyone that is a part of us as family and we value our family. That's it. No illuminati stuff.

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Your mixtape is hosted by DJ Frosty, DJ Khaled and Charlamagne Tha God. Those are some big names to follow. Do you feel that people may feel like you're overshadowed on your mixtape by your hosts?
Not at all the music speaks for its self. I would never feel overshadowed by Dj Frosty or Charlamagne Tha God because they are family. I chose to use DJ Khaled because he is one of the hottest DJs in the country plus he is from Miami, my home away from home.

Over the last few years you've worked with quite a bit of SC rappers. A lot of local rappers feel like there's no "UNITY" amongst the music community. Do you share that same thought?
I feel like there is unity amongst certain artists but at the end of the day it’s a competitive sport.

You travel a lot of and have put a lot of "miles" on your career, as the industry calls it . Outside of Columbia, SC what cities do you feel have played a major role in getting you where you are today and why?
Definitely the Florida area (Orlando, Miami), New York, New Jersey, and Atlanta. Those cities have enabled me to obtain solid relationships with key people and have created opportunities to build my brand. Florida has a real heavy Haitian population which is a target market for me. Atlanta is quote on quote "the capital of the south" where you would need to be successful regionally. No matter what city your from you have to be NY accessible. So being up there networking is always a plus.

You're preparing to drop your album and the 1st single which features Bun-B. When can we expect the album and when are your releasing the single?
It was a plan, but to be honest with you I'm not dropping an album any time soon. I'm still working on building my brand and my buzz and I want to create a demand for the album. I'm going to continue to drop a few more mixtapes with all original records and that should help me create that demand. Hopefully I can work with DJ Chuck T in the near future and put out a Down South Slangin' mixtape. As far as singles, I have a few up my sleeve but we are letting the fans decide what’s next [laughs].

Are you going the indie route with your album or are you going to try to shop yourself to a major label before you drop it?
I'm definitely going the independent route and getting a distribution deal. Majors will come later if things take that route.

You've worked with quite a few big names in music like OJ Da Juiceman, DJ Green Lantern, Bun-B, etc. Who else are you looking forward to working with?
There are a lot of great artists that I am looking forward to working with but as of right now I am taking the opportunities as they come. We are working on a remix to "Quagmire" but we are not releasing the names of the artists yet because we would like it to be a surprise [laughs].

Last but not least, please tell us what's next for Freddie Gz and where we can find you?
Definitely be on the lookout for the movie "This Thing Of Ours".  Dj Frosty and I are completing another project that we plan on dropping by the summer and I am going to continue grinding for the city and state. All positivity. No negativity! Also I would like to take the time to give a shout out to Jack Mula and the whole ATM camp, Dj Frosty, Charlamagne Tha God and the SDM, salute to all DJs, blog sites, and all of the fans rocking with me.  Special shout out to DJ Chuck T; we got a lot more work to do homie. Make sure you go to Itunes and download all Freddie Gz music and go get that mixtape "This Thing Of Ours" Hosted By DJ Frosty and DJ Khaled SC stand up we got it.