At Rapwire.Net we always ask everyone how they got their name. So  how did you get the name Snook The Rokkstarrr?
I got the name cuz I don’t just party like a ROKK STARR, I live like one. As far as the name Snook - I been Snook forever.

Now that the whole "rock star" movement is coming to an end have you considered dropping the "Rokkstarr" from your name? 
Nahh, I don’t follow trends I set em – I was a ROKK STARR before being one was cool.

You're from New Jersey but you've been in South Carolina for quite some time now. Exactly how long have you been down here and what made you move to South Carolina?
I came to SC to for school eleven years ago and just got sucked in by the southern hospitality.

You're the last person to win the " Carolina Patiently Waiting" Ozone award.  A few people felt like you didn't deserve the award because you weren't born here.  How did that make you feel?
Honestly, all I know of is one person who felt like I didn’t deserve the award and probably would’ve still felt that way unless HE won it. The Ozone Magazine is a well respected and well known publication – they picked the right person for this award – “I let the hatas hate dawg, I don’t let em bother me….”

You're currently signed to two independent label, Southern Dynasty Records and Lavish Entertainment. What's  the difference between the two labels and how did you hook up with them?
Its not two labels even though it sounds like it. Lavish Entertainment is the label, Southern Dynasty is the movement.  SD was created in ’02 by Chris Etheridge aka Phatz P and Marcus Winston aka True. In ’07 we merged with Lavish Entertainment and in ‘09we dropped the double label name and continued as Lavish Entertainment.

Over the past few years you've had a lot of big named rappers on your records.  Do you feel like those features boosted your name recognition and helped you? Or do you feel like you they didn't really play that big of part in making you as big you are today?
The answer is both yes and no. Whenever somebody sees or hears T-Pain or Boosie they gonna pay attention to the songs so it was a benefit. But because I was at the same level they were on and  was able to hold my own on the track it showed I had my own star power too.

Your last few records were street anthems and club bangers. You're new single "Grown Woman Lovin'" featuring Torica is more of a R&B record. Was there are reason you changed up your formula or did that record become your single because the people liked it?
In anything you do, you have to have change – if you stay the same, who or what are you doing it for? But as far as “Grown Woman Lovin” , the people chose it.

Torica is from SC and has done features for a lot big named rappers. How did you hook up with her?
Me and Torica been cool since ’02, she’s like my family.

You've dropped a lot of singles and you've put out a ton on mixtapes. When can we expect an album from you?
I’m lookin to drop an album by mid to the end of 2011. I wanna make sure I place myself correctly and strategically. Good things come to those who wait…….I’m “patiently waiting” remember? Lol

I heard earlier in 2010 you were in talks with a few major labels and on pace to sign a deal. Are you still going to take that route or are you going to go the independent route?
I’m gonna stay on the independent route as long as it makes sense.

I ask most of the rappers I interview this question and I want you to answer it truthfully. When you record your music do you write with a pen and pad or do you write your lyrics in your head (i.e. Jay-Z)?
I do a lil bit of everything but to be honest I haven’t picked up a pen and a pad in a minute. I put my lyrics in my phone at times when needed.

Do you need to get high and/or drunk in order to write good music or can you do it sober?
My talent is a blessing, period. I can do it however. I can do this shit in my sleep.

If you were able to make a song with Biggie or Tupac which one would you choose and why?
Being that I was born in Jersey, naturally I would choose Biggie – but to be honest, I would have to say both because anybody would be a fool not to ROKK with someone as real as Pac.

If you had the choice to fuck Nicki Minaj or Pinky the porno star which one would you fuck and why?
First of all, I’m a real nigga and I don’t fuck with fake things. But, if I HAD to choose, it would be Niki just to see how much of a monster she really is in hopes that it’ll turn into a Minaj….LOL!!

Would you hit it raw or use a condom [laughs]?
You shouldn't have to ask that question. All I got to say is NO KIDS, and NO STDs.

One of my favorite movies coming up was New Jersey drive. Being that you spent a lot of time in New Jersey can you hotwire a car [laughs]?
In Jersey we don’t need to hotwire cars, we just hit up steering columns, lol!

I'd like to thank you for your time. Please let the people know what projects you're working now and what can we expect from Snook Da Rokkstarr in 2011?
I got my mix cd with DJ Scream poppin off at the top of 2011, I’m currently featured on a song titled “All Red Everything” with Def Jam recording artist Lil Ru – we’ll be releasing the Lavish Boyz mix cd as well, shouts out to my label mates Young Gunna and Lotto Lambo – yall do me a favor and check out, an organization that was created to better our communities. One time for Lavish Ent. (Mixx, Diggs, Kyle my manager, Ms. Selena my publicist, Shields, Majic Fingaz, Zone 6, Courtney, and Shalon), all my SD representas, and Phatz P welcome home, bruh.

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