Here at RapWire.Net we ask everyone we interview what goes into their name. Your name is Shana Patrice so I'm assuming that's your first and middle name right?
Yes, Shana Patrice is my first and middle name.  I love my name and it’s me 100%.

You were born in Florida, grew up in South Carolina, and now reside in North Carolina. That's a lot of moving. Were you a military brat?
I was a military brat for awhile.  My mom and dad were both in the Air Force and were stationed out in Florida when they were together.  I grew up in Charleston, SC after my parents split. I went to Francis Marion University in Florence, SC. and shortly after graduation I moved to Charlotte, NC. 

What made you start modeling? Was it something you always wanted to do or did it happen by chance?
I started modeling simply by chance.  I used to bartend in strip clubs in Myrtle Beach, SC and people would compliment me all the time at work and say, “you should be a model!”  I never really thought of it as something that I always wanted to do.   Back in 2007, I started doing hair shoots for my hairstylist at the time for Universal Salons Magazine and eventually it lead into doing paid gigs for Black Hair magazine. From there I fell in love with being in front of the camera.  SP is my sexy alter ego and she makes love to the camera creating sexy images of art [laughs]. 

It seems like over the last few years every male wants to be a rapper and every female wants to be a model. In your opinion, what separates a REAL model from someone who just takes  good pictures?
In my opinion what separates a REAL model from someone who just takes good pictures is a model studies their craft. A REAL model has to practice posing and facial expressions, work out, eat right, network with others in the business, brand their name, and most importantly invest in themself.  REAL models have websites which should eventually lead to a site that pays you.  REAL models don’t just take pictures, they study their craft so they will get better. Creativity is a must. 

Judging from your pictures and your measurements you don't fit the "stereotype" of a typical urban model. You can do modeling for more diverse publications too (i.e. Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue). Have you done work for any of them yet?
My ultimate goal is to do modeling for those publications but as of right now I haven’t done any work with them yet! Even though I’ve done some urban modeling in my career I don’t necessarily fit the urban model stereotype.  I’ve always wanted to keep my portfolio very diverse. I love my body and I’m very comfortable in it so a lot of my focus has been on swimsuit and lingerie (glamour modeling) but I’ve showcased in certain shots in my portfolio that I can do print/catalog modeling, promotional modeling to market a brand, fitness modeling, and fashion. 

You're also a singer too right? Have you been singing a long time or was it something you just started doing?
yes, I’ve been singing ever since I can remember. I used to spend hours and hours in my room as a kid recording songs, memorizing them, and practicing notes, doing local talent shows and pageants but I have not been singing professionally for a long time.  This is a new career endeavor for me but I’m ready! Shout out to QZ DaMusiqman for believing in my talent!  My mixtape is coming soon!

Which career do you take more seriously? Singing or modeling?
I definitely take modeling more seriously at the moment because I’ve been going hard at it since 2007. I look at modeling as being the gateway to several different careers for me. We’ll see what the future holds for my singing career.

A lot of the pictures you take show off your body. You do quite a few "implied" topless shots. It's obvious very "comfortable" with yourself. Have you ever considered doing nude modeling?
I have done some nude modeling before. Nude modeling is very artistic as long as it is NOT displayed in a pornographic or disrespectful manner. 

What's your zodiac sign?
I’m a scorpio!  The sexiest and most sexual sign of them all!

Are your #sextips tweets your own personal experiences or are they your fantasies?
Ha ha! Well…..ummmmm (clears throat). I must admit that all of them are from my own personal experiences. I just like to spread my knowledge of what women want in the bedroom. Take my tips seriously [laughs]!

Scorpios are known for being aggressive and liking to take control. Are you aggressive in the bedroom or do you let the man take control?
I can be very aggressive in the bedroom. When I want what I want I go for it (laughs). I like to be submissive too and let the man take control because I like to be punished a little bit (giggles). 

What about in your modeling career? Do you do everything yourself or do you let a manager handle your business?
I’ve handled a lot of my business myself so I’m very aggressive in getting work for myself.  I acquired a manager in July 2010 who handles my business now.

I'm sure our readers would like to know what you look for in a man. What qualities in a man turn Shana Patrice on?
A grown man that can put his grown man shoes on is what turns me on. Hard work ethic, respectful, honest, takes care of his responsibilities, good looks, great personality, and knows how to wine and dine me. 

Being that you've spent most of your life in the south do you prefer southern men or up north men?
I’ve never dated a man from up North but I must say that men from down south are my preference. Southern country boys are a jack of all trades. They can fix your car, fix things that go wrong in your house and outside of your house, they have manners, and some of them can cook too.

I'm going to list a few words and I want you to tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. DO NOT THINK! I WANT THE FIRST THING YOU REALLY THINK OF.
- Strawberries
Add whip cream and spread it all over my body (giggles)
- Silk
Sheets… on a bed.
- Elephants
The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
- Condom
I’m thinking  XL Trojan Magnums Thin
- Kitchen
Ohhh… on the counter or the stove.
- Huge
Umm…balls (giggles)
- Handcuffs
Bedposts….locked in!

Please tell our readers where to find you and where you’re making you’re next appearance?
Look out for me hosting events around Charlotte and surrounding areas. I’m also going to be in a lot of South Carolina markets too.  Check me out at Saturday Night Fever Music Moguls Edition at Club Ice in Charlotte on Saturday December 18th. A promotional video is coming soon from a shoot with CClark Fotos out of Atlanta.  Look out for my shoot with Eye of Ray Photography in Charlotte, NC coming soon.  Shoots coming soon with Derrick Clegg for his magazine called Envy based out of Greensboro, NC.  I have been published in a few magazines based out of Atlanta which will be in print soon so I don’t want to give too much away at this time.  Also I will be dropping my mixtape in 2011.  Look out for all updates on my site